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PLC ABS Box Splitter
PLC-tray Splitter
PLC Cabinets Splitter
PLC-inserted type optical branching
FBT cassette
Wavelength Division Multiplexer WDM
PLC Metals Splitter
Patch-cord and Pigtail Series
Bunchy,ribbon optical fiber connector
Waterproof pigtail
Fiber Optic Attenuator
Adapter Series
Fiber interconnect cabinet
Fiber Optic Splice Closure
Fiber Optic Termination Box
Optical fiber coupling box
The ODF unit box
Standard cabinets
photodiode series
Coaxial Receptacle Laser
Optical fiber amplifier
The wild type optical receiver
Amplitude modulation laser transmitter

1, this product USES the mechanical efficiency of cooling, all aluminum shell side there is a row of the density of the radiator, the internal and special aluminum box to install the pump laser, both to protect the safety of pump laser and laser heat more effectively, make the refrigeration, hot circuit can more easily to achieve the best working temperature of pump laser, thus more prolong the working life of the pump laser.

2, with RJ45 interface standard SNMP network management system, the user can easily realize the remote real-time monitoring, product output protocol and network management interface software, in order to offer users the freedom to choose, the user can also reserve interface, network management of plug-in plate can be mounted at any time.

3, with standard RS232 interface, can be used in computer local network monitoring.

4, using American JDSU pump laser, Bookham and Japanese ancient river, doped fiber bait use OFS in the United States.

5, on the front panel VFDS or LED display has the function of the whole machine display and fault alarm.

6, the high quality of switch power supply, which can be 90 v to 265 v ac or - 48 v dc.

7, product maximum output can reach 26 DBM (400 mw).


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