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PLC ABS Box Splitter
PLC-tray Splitter
PLC Cabinets Splitter
PLC-inserted type optical branching
FBT cassette
Wavelength Division Multiplexer WDM
PLC Metals Splitter
Patch-cord and Pigtail Series
Bunchy,ribbon optical fiber connector
Waterproof pigtail
Fiber Optic Attenuator
Adapter Series
Fiber interconnect cabinet
Fiber Optic Splice Closure
Fiber Optic Termination Box
Optical fiber coupling box
The ODF unit box
Standard cabinets
photodiode series
Coaxial Receptacle Laser
Optical fiber amplifier
The wild type optical receiver
Amplitude modulation laser transmitter


1, differentiation of specifications, can meet the requirements of different network, has a single output and dual output, the output light power from 3 DBM ~ 10 DBM, provide users with a lot of selectivity.

2, with low noise imported DFB laser as light source, outside the high linear LiNbO3 modulator for signal modulation.

3, superior predistortion circuit, the high standard of CNR value, there is still a perfect CTB and CSO performance values.

4, the superior SBS suppression circuit, 13, 16, 18 adjustable SBS threshold, can apply to different network needs.

5 AGC, automatic gain control, make different RF input level remained stable signal output.

6, built-in double power supply, automatic switching.

7 and auto chassis temperature control, intelligent fan, in case the temperature reaches 45 ℃ began to run.

8, VFDS display, a laser monitoring, digital display, fault alarm, network management and other functions; Once the working parameters of laser deviation software set the allowed range, you will be prompted to alarm.

9, provide standard RJ45 interface, support SNMP, used for remote computer network management and adjustment of AGC, SBS, OMI

10, through RS - 232 standard interface, the user can change the panel displays the type and specification, also can be used for the local network of the computer management and monitoring


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