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PLC ABS Box Splitter
PLC-tray Splitter
PLC Cabinets Splitter
PLC-inserted type optical branching
FBT cassette
Wavelength Division Multiplexer WDM
PLC Metals Splitter
Patch-cord and Pigtail Series
Bunchy,ribbon optical fiber connector
Waterproof pigtail
Fiber Optic Attenuator
Adapter Series
Fiber interconnect cabinet
Fiber Optic Splice Closure
Fiber Optic Termination Box
Optical fiber coupling box
The ODF unit box
Standard cabinets
photodiode series
Coaxial Receptacle Laser
Optical fiber amplifier
The wild type optical receiver
Amplitude modulation laser transmitter


1, the whole machine adopts aluminum die casting, to be painted or coated processing, has a good waterproof, heat dissipation, conductive, KangFuXing can.

2, perfect surge suppression circuit, improve the resistance to lightning and surge prevention shocks.

3, before the class adopts imported from the integration of the photoelectric conversion module, level after using the multiplication of high gain power module; Or former level high quality photovoltaic and of imported low noise gaas module, enlarge the secondary preamplifier and doubling the power module, to ensure that in the case of high output, there is still a perfect C/N value and nonlinear distortion performance.

4, the strict reliability test, MTBF is more than 100000 hours.

5 the RF output port level is adjustable, adjustable slope.

6, users can choose frequency division, the existing variety of duplex filter to choose from, can be realized by changing the diplexer plug-in single type conversion two-way type, low divided into high segmentation:

(1) one-way type: 45 ~ 750 MHZ, 45 ~ 750 MHZ

(2) two-way type:

     5 ~ 35/47 ~ 750 MHZ (862 MHZ)

     5 ~ 42/53 ~ 750 MHZ (862 MHZ)

     5 ~ 65/87 ~ 750 MHZ (862 MHZ)

7, users are free to choose the way to output the imlet and output:

(1) the main output and all the way along the way - 12 db branch output, or 2 average output

(2) through the main output and the branch of 2-12 db output, or four-way average output


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